Enviro Weather Sleep Power Consumption High

I have two Enviro Weather Pico W boards setup in the same way powered via LiPo batteries using VBAT. I did not use wifi at at all for comms and for my sleep current measurement I am doing running a script as below added to enviro.startup to make sure wifi is off, runs and takes readings per main.py and then I run a enviro.sleep that includes the below (excluding RTC and alarms etc.)

when calling hold_vsys_en_pin.init(Pin.IN) which is supposed to cut power to the board the board does not turn off and continues to draw a lot of power around 30mA and seeing as this is a battery powered unit I need the sleep current to be ultra low. Calling hold_vsys_en_pin.init(Pin.IN) does nothing and the 3v3 out and everything else just stays on.

On a side note - when substituting calling machine.lightsleep for say 20seconds I can see a noticeable drop in the current down to around 8 to 10mA

def sleep:()
wlan = network.WLAN(network.STA_IF)

Any help or insight would be great