Enviro+ FeatherWing: what do I need to plug them?

Hi all,
I just had delivered my Enviro+ FeatherWing plus a new shiny Adafruit Feather nRF52840 Express.
I also bought a new soldering iron plus accessories because I need to rebuild my tool set from scratch.
But, since I’m a newbie and don’t have a bright idea of what is needed to deal with electronic components, as soon as I opened the box I realized I missed something: silly me, I don’t have enough spare parts to plug the Enviro+ FeatherWing into the nRF52840.
I would like to have them plugged together as in this image: https://cdn.shopify.com/s/files/1/0174/1800/products/4062-06_1024x1024.jpg?v=1547741866

Can someone suggest what I need to buy to get this done?
Should I also buy something like this? https://shop.pimoroni.com/products/maker-essentials-various-headers
Is there a more wise choice I could do to save me some burden in the next future. So to say, buying a starter kit / small part kit?

Thanks a lot

To do that you either need to put stacking headers on the feather, or female headers on the top side of the feather.
Or maybe this

Hi alphanumeric,
thanks for the quick answer.
The FeatherWing Doubler seems a great idea. It would make a very good looking thing. But, if I get how it works, I should solder the connections between the boards myself.
It could not be a great problem, but I’m unable to find any pinout scheme for the Enviro+ atm.

On the product page it states " Also, the two sets of pins are cross connected".
Which I take to mean the two sides are wired together pin for pin. It’s done for you.

EDIT: I would think the side by side should help get more accurate temperature readings on the Enviro. No heat transfer from the Feather underneath it.

EDIT: 2 There is a 3 side by side and a 2 x 2 version of that.

On Adafruit’s page about the Doubler Pinout seems that the power rails are cross connected.
As far as I understand, the Enviro+ would just receive power from the nRF52840.
I’m honestly not yet able to understand how, without proper cabling, I could get the data from the sensors on the Feather itself in order to broadcast or store them elsewhere.
This is my very first Feather + Featherwing setup, so I gess I’m missing a lot of informations.

On that page it also says Also, both sets of IO pins are connected together"
You also have two strips of holes that are all connected for 3.3V (left strip) and GND (right strip). This way you have plenty of power/ground connections available. The holes are 0.047" diameter and are connected with 32mil traces.

The way I read that is the two are linked together, pin 1 to pin 1, pin 2 to pin 2 etc. Plus there are “extra” solder pads for the 3.3v and ground. The extra 3.3V and ground pins are for connecting anything you add in the space under the feather. The proto typing area.

Something else to consider, especially if you plan on logging data with a time stamp. Is adding a RTC feather. Otherwise your going to need a feather with WIFI to synce the time.

I’ve been trying to simulate the resulting wiring schema using Fritzing and Adafruit’s parts.
It looks like the one in the attached image.
In a poor maker’s words, I would say that the two areas of the doubler are mirrored.
Thanks a lot for your help!


Yeah, it should end up being the same as plugging one on top of the other.