Enviro+ Humidity Issue

Hello Support team, I have a issue with the Enviro+. Our Company bought 5 Enviro+ and 5 Raspberry Pi Zero. We made the configuration without any issues. We noticed hat the readings were off on the Temperature and the Humidity levels and opted to use an 20 cm 40 Pin Male to Female cable. Temperature is working great now but Humidity is 10% lower than normal we tested with various equipment. We opted to get the cable so we won’t have to deal with the Pi CPU heat transfer issue. Can you you please help us out?
I read the forum looking for answers but I don’t see any about my issue.
Best regards.

You’ll probably get a faster answer emailing them (support@pimoroni.com) or opening an issue on the Git repo, there aren’t many Pimoroni folk on these forums I’m afraid.