? issue with Humidity values on Enviro+ ( Enviro plus )

Hi, has anyone else noted issues with the humidity values returned by the new Enviro+ ?

I am sat in thick fog and have two other sensors running (Aeotec Multisensor 6 & DHT22) both showing 95%+ RH and Enviro+ showing 34%.

All other indicies are about correct.

That said, otherwise the product is working well :)

Just looking at mine.
RH on my wall mounted weather station (pretty accurate) is showing 64%
Enviro+ just below it is showing 27%
Wonder if it’s the heat from the Pi that’s messing with it?


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Done an experiment…
Mounted the enviro+ on a HatHacker board. The ribbon cable has moved it 6" away from the Pi.
RH on the Enviro is now within 4% of my other machine so it looks like the heat from the Pi was the problem.
Also, the RH reading is now stable (it was slowly drifting negatively before)


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Phil …

Thanks for this, ill try your suggestion and report back.


… yep seems moving the board away from the Pi (zero in my case), improves the readings.

hope this helps anyone else.

Thanks again Phil.

That’s good news Steve…
I guess the heat from the Pi is drying the air around the RH sensor hence the lower readings…

Wonder if Pimoroni or any other shop does a male to female ribbon cable to isolate Hats from the Pi for just this reason?

Have fun

Or use a fan to blow on the sensor board from the side - will both cool the cpu board and remove the heat from the sensors. Would probably be beneficial for the temperature measurements at the same time. This has tended to be my solution in the past.


I use one of these:

It helps.

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I also have an extra stacking header https://www.adafruit.com/product/1992

and have my pi zero w inside this case https://www.adafruit.com/product/3252

I see you use a covered case for the Pi. Does that make the temp more accurate? I’m working on this.