Enviro indoor: significance of activity led?

Today IO received my shiny new enviro indoor and wanted to connect it with my adafruit io account. After some false starts I ended up with deleting configh.py and doing it all over again. I’m pretty sure I got the settings correct this time. But still I got problems.

My biggest frustration is the activity led: it shows all king of things and I cannot find their meaning. Well, I found that fast blinkin means it can be setup. But what is a slow blinking at half intensity? Or a steady light at full intensity? or half? I suspect I overlook some info but i really couldn’t find any.

This has to do with the fact that After 5 minutes (I configured it at 5 minutes) after configuration the activity led turns on: somethimes full, sometimes half. What does it mean?

I created the group enviro at io.adafruit but nothing shows up. Why is that? Has it someting to do that I have a free account and that I cannot have more than 10 feeds?

Sorry for the questions but I couldn’t find any information to this. I hope you can point me to some overlooked info.

Thanks in advance!