Enviro indoor v. 0.0.9 -> MQTT what is topic?

I have an Enviro Indoor up and running but would like to change from a JSON upload to an MQTT before sending data to Influx.
My MQTT is running, I can subscribe to a self-made topic and see the message in another ssh connection.
I have updated the Enviro Indoor to connect to MQTT, sending a message every 1 m. No error in the log.
I am using MQTT Explore, where I can see messages received by the broker.
My problem is that I can’t figure out what topic I should subscribe to?
In Enviro Confiq the nickname is ‘enviro’.
When using MQTT Explore, I get this

The topic name is enviro/{nickname} so if you have the nickname “weather1” when you set it up, can get it from the config file, then topic would be


So in your case if the nickname is enviro it would be:


Can i confirm that if I want to read the temperature value and my enviro indoor is nicknamed “mooroom” the topic I should be listening for is