Enviro+ micro support

So I was wondering how’s the ETA on the support for the microphone MEMS thinggie on the enviro+ The enviro+ is great, and that microphone is actually pretty powerful (I actually managed to make it record audio to a wav file!), it’d be pretty nice to have simple python support for it. Thank you!

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Have a look see here,

and here, might help.

Disclaimer, I didn’t read all of what I posted above, I’m a bit pressed for time at the moment.;)

I was asking for support on the mems microphone that already exists on the enviro+ phat and is currently unsupported.

Yes, I could have given a bit more info in my post to make in clearer sorry.
The microphone on the enviro+ is a SPH0645LM4H-B and the one above is a SPH0645LM4H. You may be able to use what’s in those tutorials to get python code for the one on the Enviro +.
Going by this link on the Enviro + product page for the mems microphone.

Oh, I already had used adafruit’s instructions - like I said, I actually recorded .wav files with the sensor. Just asking how Pimoroni’s own support of the enviro+ was going.

Ah, OK, you’ve already been there done that, lol.
I guess you’d have to ask Phil @gadgetoid or Sandy @sandyjmacdonald that question.