Enviro+ support for MEMS mic noise levels for sensor map site


I have the Enviro+ running on a Pi Zero with the particle sensor. It correctly displays readings on the https://maps.sensor.community/ website (formerly Luftdaten). As per main tutorials.

I am wondering about making the noise sensor work with the microphone. It does not yet have documentation and does not seem to be sending data to the sensor community website.

The above sensor community site reads noise levels from other sensors. I would like to send my microphone levels to this sensor community as with the other sensor readings.

The Enviro+ microphone description is on the following page:

MEMS microphone

Enviro+ has a tiny MEMS microphone that lets you record audio or detect noise levels. It’s really good for monitoring levels of noise pollution, and we’ll be adding support for this to our Enviro+ Python library soon.

Thanks for any pointers.