Enviro+ on RPI 3B

I have the following issues when I try the Examples as mentioned in the ‘Getting Starte with Enviro+’ :

  1. python light.py : ImportError: No module named ltr559
  2. python weather-and-light.py : This program requires Python >= 3.6
  3. python gas.py : ImportError: No module named ads1015
  4. python noise.py : ImportError: No module named sounddevice
  5. python noise.py : ImportError: No module named pms5003
  6. python all-in-one.py : Importerror: No module named ST7735

The weather sensor works, but all the rest not. I have not much knowledge about such issues, I just wanted to install an environmental monitoring station and thought this would work.

Looks like you’re using an old version of Python there which might be why it’s having trouble finding the dependencies - try running them with Python 3 like this:

python3 light.py

OK, thanks. It worked for light, gas and particulates.

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The latest Pi OS releases have dropped python 2 support. Which has led to some code being only python 3 compliant. That’s fine if your using a Pi 4 with the latest OS.
On a Pi 3 etc it can catch you out with weird errors. Well for most of us they are weird errors.;)