Enviro Phat C Library


Is there a C library available for the Enviro Phat?

Actually, better yet, can you point me to the specifics of accessing the various sensors myself? I read somewhere here that they are all I2C. I can look up the individual chips’ data sheets, but I guess I would need their addresses to access them on the I2C bus. (I’m assuming at least some of these are probably selected by strapping pins up or down, etc.)
Can you just tell me their addresses?


Most, if not all of the i2c addresses are listed here, https://pinout.xyz/pinout/enviro_phat#
What each chip is or does should be here, https://shop.pimoroni.com/products/enviro-phat
That should at least get you started. :)


Ah! Thank you. I saw that pinout but apparently my eyes passed right over the addresses.


Its easy to miss stuff. I saw the addresses but missed all the other stuff on that same page with what each chip does. Pretty well all the info you were looking for is on the pinout page.