Enviro phat LCD graphics


Just got one of these today and am experimenting with it. All is working well so far.

On the Pimoroni shopping page, there is an orange graphic for the lcd with lots of info. (https://shop.pimoroni.com/products/enviro?variant=31155658489939#)

Any one know where I can get a copy of this python code? I dont see it in any of the examples and dont really want to recreate it?


weather and light py maybe? I would have thought it would be one of the examples, just not obvious which one going by the names of the files?

Thanks! That did the trick. I was just using the default version of Python, which wasn’t compatible… Switching to Python 3.7 resolved the problem.

Appreciate you taking the time to reply.

I try to make it a habit to run my code with python3. I only fall back on python (python2) If I have to, to make it run.
I don’t have an Enviro, but I am running a modified version of the all-in-one-mini example on some Breakout Garden stuff I put together.

I believe the shot on the page was done with all-in-one.py, the background colour is tied to the current sensor that’s reporting. Sandy explained it with the following:

“On the all-in-one example it relates to the sensor values, so blue is low and red is high, scaled to the min and max values for the data shown on the screen at any one time. It depends which sensor value you’re displaying, and you can switch between them by tapping the proximity sensor.”

The background colour is mentioned in the all-in-one section of the tutorial at https://learn.pimoroni.com/tutorial/sandyj/getting-started-with-enviro-plus

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The Enviro+ product picture is the all-in-one. I flipped the pressure so green is high and red is low. =)

I believe he is referring to the (non +) Enviro product picture.

Might have to add a forth display to my project. :)

My custom (modified) weather-and-light.py example running on my breakout garden enviro clone setup. The only way I could get a shot of the display with my camera was to have bright light behind it. Otherwise it just blooms and is unreadable.
The background color changes based on time of day. It goes darker as night falls etc.
Pi Zero W mounted to pHat Stack with Mini i2c Breakout Garden and min i2c SPI Breakout Garden. BME280, RV3028, LTR559 , 0.96 SPI LCD.
I disabled the CPU temperature compensation code as that’s not needed with my setup.
Also swapped the date and time to opposite sides of the screen. put the date on the left side and time on the right. Also changed the format to what I like better.
Really nice bit of code I must say. =)