Enviro+ Units + Additional Sensor suggestions?

Hey folks, I received my Enviro+ and PMS5003 in the post today and got it up and running, happily logging data to MySQL (it’s not cool, but it’s what I know) and visualising on a Graphana dashboard (it’s literally mind-blowing that you can run all this on a Pi Zero!).

I have a couple of questions though… so I can set up my charts correctly, is there a resource anywhere showing what all the different sensors do and what units they’re logging in?

I’m logging temperature, pressure, humidity, light, oxidised, reduced, nh3, pm1, pm25, pm10

I have absolutely no idea what everything after “light” is and what levels are considered good or bad, or what units the data is stored in? Can anyone help me with that?

Additionally, I was thinking that since the board has room for additional inputs, it would be cool to see what I else I could log. Are there any cool sensors that would be good for environmental logging that the hat doesn’t log already?



btw, one thing I would love to have would be a carbon monoxide sensor… seems like a useful thing to monitor, do the existing sensors cover this? If not, are there any compatible breakouts that do that? Thanks!

I have a couple of what I call Weather Clocks. I display the day, date, time, temp, humidity, barometric pressure and UV index in a repeating scrolling message. Each element changes color based on the readings.
Some is personal choice some is based on internet searches.
For temps below 0c is Blue
1c to 12c is Yellow
13c to 24c c is Green
25c to 29c is Orange
above 29c is Red
For barometric pressure 30 to 60 % is considered the comfort zone.
I make that green. 60 to 80 is yellow and above 80 is red, as is below 30 %.
Barometric pressure ranges from 5 zones,
very low red, for possible storm conditions < 982 mb
low yellow, for possible precipitation 982 to 1004 mb
mid range green, 1005 to 1025 mb
high blue, for clear sky’s 1026 to 1047 mb
very high orange, dry conditions. > 1048 mb
For UV index
0 to 2 is green low
3 to 5 is yellow moderate
6 to 7 is high orange
8 to 10 is very high red
11+ is extreme violet
I’m not currently monitoring air quality. It is on my list of things to do though.

Here’s a CO monitor that should work for you.

I found a version of the MQ-7 from Sparkfun, who along with Pimoroni and Adafruit are one of my more trusted brands. Once it arrives I just have to figure out how to hook the thing up to the onboard ADC on the Enviro+ (the labels H1, B1, A1 are a little vague!) and then how to read it in Python and I should be golden!