Enviro Weather UF2

I ‘provisioned’ my Enviro Weather Pico but it failed to connect to the WiFi. I went to Troubleshooting and decided to get the latest Firmware. I copied pimoroni-picow_enviro-v1.19.10-micropython-v0.0.9.UF2 and pasted it to the RPI-RP2 folder but after the copy is complete, nothing happens. I know with my other PICO W the folder closes and the PICO reboots but that didn’t happen here.

Any suggestions?

I pasted the latest Micropython pimoroni-picow_enviro-v1.19.16-micropython.UF2. This closed the folder to close but no activity. can’t get it to go to provisioning.

I was able to get a RPI PICO UF2 to install.

Still no luck with Pimoroni UF2’s.

Should I be addressing this problem somewhere else or trying to return this to the Canadian distributor I purchased it from?

Hmm, what computer are you using to copy the uf2 across? I know our production folks have had trouble copying these big prebuilt .uf2 files from the Raspberry Pi that we use for flashing/testing - could be worth trying with another machine?

(or trying a manual installation as described here: enviro/upgrading-firmware.md at main · pimoroni/enviro · GitHub )

Thanks for the tip @hel. I was trying to copy from a PI400. I then tried from a MAC and was able to get pimoroni-picow_enviro-v1.19.10-micropython-v0.0.9.UF2 pasted and provisioned.

One follow on is that I have the activity light on but also the warning light. I’ve re-provisioned but no change.

I moved the Enviro weather from the MAC back to the PI400

Thonny doesn’t connect to it.

rshell says there are no Micropython boards.

pyboard says “failed to access /dev/ttyACM0”

How can I get a the files

I shutdown and powered up the PI400 and was able to access the Enviro Weather board.

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