Enviro+ with CPU compensation request


I’ve mounted the Enviro+ at right angles to the Pi Zero W to avoid the CPU heat issues. Obviously we need to now uncompensate for this in the scripts. Are there any plans to provide a flag to disable the CPU compensation in these cases?


If you check the Weather example, you see how to read the BME280 without CPU temperature compensation. To do the same in All-In-One, change line 140 to read “data = raw-temp” (and comment out everything behind on the same line)

That said, I have done the same (mounting on a 90 deg. angle) and the uncompensated temperature of the BME280 is about 4 deg. C too high in still air, due to self-heating of the sensor. With some airflow, it improves to about 0.5 deg. C too high which is probably the best you can expect. The BME280 data sheet explains that the temperature is only for compensating pressure and humidity and CAN(!) be used for ESTIMATING(!) ambient temperature. If you want the real temperature, you need another sensor. Checkout my Youtube channel for more on the Enviro+