Enviro+ with PMS3003

Anyone know if I can run the PMS3003 on the Enviro+? What do I need to do differently? I see the sensor at I2C address 0x12 but none of the example scripts are working for me.
Thanks in advance!

Screenshot from 2020-10-04 18-40-28
This is how I wired it up if that helps

Did you install its library and edit the examples?
Like change
from pms5003 import PMS5003, ReadTimeoutError
from pms3003 import PMS3003, ReadTimeoutError
something like that anyway.

it doesn’t appear that there’s a python module for the pms3003? at least not when i try to do a
sudo pip install pms3003

I’m no expert (far from it) but I think your going to need that pms3003 library.
This maybe?