EnviroPhat LEDs don't work


After assembling the EnviroPhat, I tried the test program. Everything worked fine, only the leds did not blink, they remained black…I tried to control them directly via GPIO 4, this did work, but only 2 or 3 flashes, an they were black again. After a restart, the same Situation, 2 or 3 flashes, and then black again. Checking the voltage showed that the pin was dead when the leds did not light up.
Anny ideas what the Problem is?


Is it possible GPIO4 is being controlled by a device tree overlay or something else? Have you tried testing on a clean Raspbian install to see if the LEDs behaved more adequately then?


Thank you very much, it was the case. I had activated 1-wire support in the config.txt.
After removing that activation, everything works fine.


Hi, thank you for the topic.

I had same problem with the leds and have fixed it by removing the following line from the file /boot/config.txt.


Or you can change the config through sudo raspi-config command.

5 Interfacing Options
    P7 1-Wire
        Would you like the one-wire interface to be enabled?

I believe this must be a FAQ for enviro pHAT.

Many thanks