Enviro PHAT and 1-wire

I setup 1-wire support for ds18b20

I then added then enviro PHAT with no problems

The ed lights on the enviro are not working due to a conflict with the default 1-wire pin assignment

What config changes can be made to have then work together?
I am on a pi zero with the latest version of raspian fully updated.

I had a similar problem using 1-wire and a Display-o-tron HAT blocking GPIO pin 4 (the default 1-wire pin).

Edit your config.txt (sudo nano /boot/config.txt) and add another line after dtoverlay=w1-gpio with “gpiopin=” and the pin number you wish to use (I can’t remember now if it is the GPIO number or physical number (I am using GPIO 5 and my notes also say that’s pin 29 and I can’t check just now which one it was).

It’s definitely BCM notation, see /boot/overlays/README for usage.

Thanks for the help, i corrected by adding dtoverlay=w1-gpio,gpiopin=17 to the /boot/config.txt file