Exact circuit diagram of Hyperpixel 4.0 Touch ( PIM369)

I have one of your Hyperpixel 4.0 used with my Raspberry Pi 3B+ and have some problems.

My Goal is to connect my Raspberry with a 1 meter long cable to my Touchscreen.

Unfortunately the Display only flickered a little bit, but didn’t work well.

I know, that the Pixelclock GPIO (PCLK) does not send valid values over this conenction distance, because the speed is extremely fast.

I want to filter out that bad noise, but I am not sure if the PCLK-GPIO is the only one, where i have to add some filter stuff.

Is it possible to send me a extensive circuit diagram of this Touchscreen?

I want to know, which GPIO is for what, and which GPIO has which switching frequency.

I found some stuff in the internet, but i am not quite sure if this is correct.

The pinout, showing what pins are used for touch, is here.
Hyperpixel4 at Raspberry Pi GPIO Pinout