Explorer Hat fails


Have just downloaded the latest Raspbian OS.

When it boots up, it reports “Explorer Hat overlay failed”.

Explorer Hat programs report errors when I attempt running them.

Older SD card with much older os works fine.


Bullseye has some issues still it would seem. The Pi Foundation have added a Raspberry Pi OS (Legacy) option to the Pi Imager and the downloads page that will let you install Buster.
It could also be that Pimoroni have to update the installer and just haven’t had a chance to do it.

I have Bullseye installed on my Pi 400, no issues I am aware of. Same deal with my new Pi Zero 2 W. They don’t have much attached to them via the GPIO header though.
My other Pi’s with Hats and pHats attached and Buster or earlier installed, I’m just leaving alone for now.