Explorer Hat Pro believes it an Explorer Hat basic

I’ve being using an Explorer Hat Pro with Scratch on a Pi Zero to read the analog output of an Adafruit UV Light Sensor S12SD. The out put is connected to analog 1 with the power from the 5v pin.
I’m using Scratch 1.4 on a Pi Zero, although the same issue appears on a Pi 3.

When the program is loaded the Pi displays a message stating the I2C needs to be enabled. On checking it is enabled.

I’ve swapped the Explorer Hat Pro with another and the program works without a problem. The sensor is working correctly as I’ve checked on another identical setup.

When I run the test.py program the first line says that an ‘Explorer Hat Basic’ has been detected. However, when run with my other Explorer Hat Pro this line states ‘Explorer Hat Pro’ detected.

I’m guessing the board is faulty, unless anyone has any better suggestions.

what do you get is you run:
i2cdetect -y 1

i2cdetect -y 1 returns two addresses 0x28 which I think is the cap touch and 0xUU I think UU means drivers have been loaded and are waiting. The other boards return 0x48 so my guess is the ADC chip is fried