ExplorerHatPro motor controller dead?


i seem to have everything installed correctly. test.py runs and detects as explorer hat pro, buttons work, leds work. and if i plug a motor directly into 5v and ground, my motor works (so we know the motor and wiring is ok). but all attempts at getting power from motor channel 1 or 2 fail. i have quadruple checked my wiring. shouldn’t this just work?

`#!/usr/bin/env python

import explorerhat
import time

while True:


Could you send us a photo of your setup?


photos of the connections:
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this is running explorer-hat-master/examples/test.py

the motor is this one:

it’s not a stepper, just a straight motor and it powers just fine if i move my wires to 5v and gnd on the ehp.


That certainly looks like a reasonable setup, I can’t think of any more obvious tests to try. Drop us an e-mail to support@pimoroni.com and we’ll arrange a replacement!


ah, crud – was hoping i was just missing something. but thanks, too. hey, this was purchased through adafruit – do i need to do that through them?


No, we can sort it for you :-)

If you want to e-mail me a high res photo of the underside of the board to jon@pimoroni.com then I can give it a quick look over. Never seen the motor driver non functional on these boards so it’s certainly an odd one!


thanks, jon! emailing that photo over now.


thanks again for taking care of this. the replacement EHP hasn’t made it yet and about to do some travelling some over the next couple of weeks – can you send me shipping info so i can manage?