Extension leads

Looking to make a custom faceplate with all of the pi connectors on it (for a megadrive 1 and snes pi case conversion). Struggling to know what the cables would actually be called in order to do a search. Do you guys have a cunning product I am missing?

Something a bit like this is I guess…


I guess you’re looking for panel-mount cables. If you search for “Male X to Female Y Panel Mount” you should find everything you need. The challenge would be finding one place that stocks them all.

The fuze kit looks pretty close, but I don’t think there’s enough room in the Megadrive 1 ( if you’re modding the original case ) to fit 30cm x 4 worth of cables.

I’ve designed a perspex mounting plate that fits the Megadrive 1, a Pi and a Retrode 1, which makes for quite a nice mod with no destructive changes to the Megadrive casing.

The case I have obtained has no boards at all in it, just the metal plates, but like you said, I don’t want an excess of cables, so that kit isn’t quite right.

This is what I mean regarding a mounting place, it totally replaces the Megadrive PCB:

Ahhh that’s really nice, got any spares ;)

I could certainly get the design uploaded, which you may be able to cut at a local hackspace. I’d do it here, but it will be a complete and total pain to ship without breaking and you’ll almost certainly need some customization!

I’m also working on a PCB to replace the controller ports and connect them to the Pi’s GPIO. Now I’ll definitely have spares of that, but it’d need some soldering.

Design upload would be great thanks!