Original Picade Screen and X Hat upgrade

Just wondering: Are there any instructions for the 10" screen upgrade and/or the X Hat, when used with the original Picade?

For example: In the original Picade, the Picade PCB was mounted at the bottom of the Picade, near a hole for plugging in a headphone. The X Hat on the other hand obviously goes on top of the Raspberry Pi. How is this sandwich mounted? On the door, where the Raspberry Pi was mounted originally? This seems unlikely, for two reasons:

  • The entire wiring is then pulled out when the door is opened.
  • The headphone hole of the Picade is on a totally wrong position

But : I can’t find any mounting holes anywhere else in the Picade.

Thanks! Martin


Why not drill some new holes using the Pi as a template? When I assembled my Picade I mounted the Pi on the base instead of the door for the reasons you gave.

Photo of the inside of mine here



I’d echo what Paul suggested, and drill a few new mounting holes in the bottom of the cabinet to relocate the Pi there.

As far as the 10" screen goes, you’ll need to trim down the card bezel a little. The viewable screen dimensions for the 10" screen are 196.61x147.46mm. Then, it should just be a matter of using the x-shaped bracket that came with the Picade to hold the new display in place, and attaching the display driver board with a couple of sticky pads, or the original mounting posts if you can re-stick them.

Thanks for both answers!

I found an instruction video for the new version of the Picade and have seen the Pi mounted on the floor there. I’ll do the same, this makes sense.

About the screen: Do you have a suggestion on the square sticky pads that fit into the bezel? I am looking for a replacement for a while now (my 8" screen is slightly misaligned, and I wanted to correct this), but could not find anything that fits. The dimensions are 6mm x 6mm, that much is easy to determine.

They’re SF-001 from Toby, but we can probably send you some. Email support@pimoroni.com and tell them that Sandy said to send you a handful of 6mm rubber feet!

Thanks a bunch! I sent a mail and hope for the best.

By the way: The “Toby” company only mails to Switzerland using DHL, which is 20£ for a 3£ shipment.

That’s no problem. We’ll send some to you. :-)