12.1 third-party screen mounting suggestions?

Hi, All – I know some of you are using this screen in your Picades:


I ordered one, and when plugged in it looks gorgeous. The trouble is that the electronics and cabling on the back are different than those on the 12" screen that Pimoroni used to supply, and the stock “X” mount won’t work without potentially stressing and breaking seemingly fragile connections. Any of you who have used this ebay-supplied screen, could you chime in and tell us how you mounted it? Thanks!

I bought the same screen from that seller on ebay. The screen is nice. I never seen or used what ever Pimoroni sold but I had no issues getting this to fit using the X mount supplied with the 8 inch screen. Here are pics below. All I did was use double sided tape for the yellow and green board. This was after I set the screen how I wanted then used that tape. I didn’t use any spacers because i think Pimoroni forgot to put them in the box.


Oh! I didn’t realize you could lift up that PCB on the back of the screen! That solves my problem. Thanks!

Yeah I used to let is dangle but I taped it down with a little done sided tape.

Well, I just checked, and despite being sourced from the same place, looks like the board on the back is different, and is attached from the sides so that it won’t lift over the mount. :-( I’ll figure something else out!

Well that sucks. Maybe you can cut the plastic bracket or modify it to fit what you need.