Need some advice if anyone could

Hi Buccaneers,

I’m actually completely modding my Picade (not a rpi anymore, but an x86 CPU with mini-itx, etc…). Best choice available for the power was to use one of these incredible PicoPSU and that’s what I did. Working great, only 1 cable even for the LEDs (powered with 12v molex).

My problem : I say modding, but I’m really really bad at wood work, so no change was made to the cabinet itself. Buttons and joystick, artworks, but nothing to the case. I’m definately not good at that with my 2 hands. So, as you can see in the above picture, I have that DC power cable coming out from the back door, and I’m wondering what will be the best way for me to fix it somewhere in one of these openings on the door ? Rubber, 2 faces,… ?

If anyone of you had a good idea and could tell me what should be a good solution, I’ll be very grateful. And please, keep in mind that I don’t want to cut or whatever in the wood :)

Many thanks for reading ;)

Ideally you’d use a “panel mount” socket. This would only require one drilled hole (and you might even find one that fits the existing slots if you luck out…). Something like this: Panel Mount 2.1mm DC barrel jack : ID 610 : $2.95 : Adafruit Industries, Unique & fun DIY electronics and kits

Could be exactly what I’m looking for, except that I need a 5.5/2.5 socket (not my fault, PicoPSU plug uses that kind of plug).

Good start anyway, I now know what I need to look for. Thanks for your help Jon ;)

Yeah, that was just an example. You’ll be able to find them for most any standard jack size :-)

I have to find one very similar of the one at adafruit, 'cause the rear panel is not that thick. The original PicoPSU plug is to small to get assembled that way.

Go crazy, drill a hole. Worst case you come begging to us for a replacement panel right? :-)

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You’re gonna think I’m pretty stupid on this, but I don’t even have any tools to drill a hole… As I said, I’m pretty bad at wood work with my hands (or metal work, tried to customize a Lian-Li alu case once and ruined everything ! :D)

I can manage screwdrivers, I really can assemble a nice PC case, with a good cable management and everything else, but once I have to drill, cut or anything like that, I’m just too stupid to do it… A shame, but the truth…

Mark as already been kind enough to send me a 12" shrim and some rubbers to fix the screen. I know you guys at Pimoroni are great, but you won’t have to replace a ruined back door because of me… :P

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