Fan SHIM controller requires Python 3 pip?


Looking for some assistance getting the Pimoroni Fan Shim configured.

I’m assembling a pi-star digital voice hotspot for amateur radio on a Raspberry Pi 3 B+. I’ve added the Pimoroni Fan Shim to aid in cooling.

The installation seemed to go fine, using the steps on Pimoroni’s page Getting Started with Fan SHIM (

That was until I came to the part where you add the script to add temperature thresholds. When I tried to run the sudo ./ with the parameters, I recieved an “error” message

A snippet from the Terminal:

pistar@pi-star(rw):fanshim-python$ cd examples
pistar@pi-star(rw):examples$ sudo ./ --on-threshold 65 --off-threshold 55 --delay 2
Fan SHIM controller requires Python 3 pip
You should run: 'sudo apt install python3-pip'

There is no mention of the SHIM controller requiring Python 3 pip in the Getting Started steps.

My question is, did I do something incorrectly, or is the documentation missing important steps… or some third option that does not occur to me :) ?


Are you by chance running the Lite version of Pi OS? It has been known to cause issues like that from time to time.

I see it mentioned here
pimoroni/fanshim-python: Python library for the Fan SHIM for Raspberry Pi (
Latest/development library from GitHub:

  • apt install git python3-pip
  • git clone
  • cd fanshim-python
  • sudo ./

oh… Thanks!

Maybe that information should be added to their guide on their website as well? Getting Started with Fan SHIM (

I’ll give that a go then.


That did the trick.

Thanks again!

These days any time I see something with pip, I do pip3
sudo pip3 install fanshim

Yeah, usually I’m slightly more proactive and/or cavalier. I still consider myself a novice, though.

This digital voice access point that I’m setting up, and the widely varying documentation that I’ve been able to find (or not find), has me minding my Ps and Qs of documentation… for the most part.

So far, the project has been satisfyingly challenging :D

Thanks again for the knowledge.