Fan Shim LED is White

The LED on the FAN Shim is almost always white (all LEDs on) Once in a while it turns red or green but usually it stays white. How can I get it to accurately reflect the temperature thresholds I set (using the Fan Shim recommended values)?

Do you have anything else connected to the GPIO?
Is OneWire enabled, if yes turn it off and see if that fixes it.

No, nothing else is connected. I have a blinkenbone server for my PiDP-8 that uses all the GPIO pins but I stopped it and the problem still happens.

A bit of a pain but I’d do up a new fresh image of Raspbian and reinstall the Fan Shim software. That should tell you if its a hardware or software issue. Its a smart LED, normally it has to be told to light up, it won’t do it all on its own.

It’s not too much of a pain. I’ll just use a new SD card. I don’t have to modify my current SD card. That’s one thing I like about Raspberry Pi. You can switch OSes as fast as you can swap an SD card.

Totally agree, that is one nice feature that can bail you out and save having to customize everything all over again. For a long while I had more Raspberry Pi’s than Micro SD cards though. I’ve only just recently evened the score. I have 24 or so Pi’s kicking around here.