Fan-Shim losing quietness after a few weeks of use

My Fan-Shim was bought in December because the Rasberry Pi 4 has a heat problem. When I got it, like it was advertised , it was very nice and silent while also cooling very well.

Though now, over time, it has gotten louder and louder to the point in which I can hear it through a closed door.

It was amazing when I got but now I found it hard to concentrate while working with the immense noise that this once-quiet fan makes. I often choose to remove it just to get some silence.

Is this a hardware fault - I do feel almost scammed that this quiet fan is now in-your-face loud. Is this another way to fix this.

PS - I have tried to reposition the fan on the gpio’s to get better results but to no avail.
I have a Raspi4 pibow case designed for the fan to fit.

An accumulation of dust etc on the blades can make it out of balance and noisy. Q-tips work nicely for cleaning the dust out.