Fan shim very loud!

I’ve just gotten a fan shim and put it all together - is it me or is it really loud? My fan seems to vibrate a lot, which causes the entire case to vibrate and rattle, which then rattles any surface it’s set on. The fan vibrates regardless of whether it’s bolted down or not.

Is this just me and my fan or is this common with the fan shim? I’ve seen it being described as whisper quiet but I could hear it 5m away behind two wooden doors in my networking cupboard :S

From what I’m seeing / reading thats not normal. You fan must be out of balance or something.
If you go to the main Shop page there is a contact us link that you can use to e-mail tech support directly.
Have a good look at the fan for anything that doesn’t look like it belongs there. Extra bits of plastic on a blade etc. Or a fan blade thats bent out of shape.