Fancy case with battery & switch for InkyPhat


Hello all. CyberchuckTX here. I’ve posted a project called “InkyPhat Badge” which borrows heavily from existing materials (acknowledged throughout the project descriptions).

I have the gorgeous PiBow case from Pimoroni but would like to do a COMPLETE project by having a wearable badge around my neck. What’s missing is a battery and off/on switch.

I want to design / find a case that has the switch and battery built-in. Has anyone done this yet?

Please join my project & contribute if you’re interested.

Something close to what I would like is the "PiZero timelapse camera project

But with the InkyPhat display instead of the camera.

Anyone done this yet?

Charlie in Houston AKA CyberchuckTX


Have you see the pHAT-Badge?

This thread talks about how to add the on-off SHIM so that it’ll work correctly (it won’t out of the box apparently, although I haven’t tried myself).

Have fun.



Yes, I saw the pHAT-badge, but according to the website (when I last looked awhile back) it was indicated as “Out of Stock, don’t know when it will be available again” so I gave up on it.

Beside, this does NOT accomodate a BATTERY. I am looking to make this is nice sealed environment and having a battery dangling down (or a USB cord handing on the badge) doesn’t seem very aesthetic.

I just asked on the of-off SHIM how it works with the Inky pHAT … I’d like to see other angles on the pictures to understand how the SHIM works. Given thethe pHAT appears to connect to ALL GPIO pins I don’t understand how the shim works “in the middle”.

Thanks for responding. Go ahead & respond on this thread or join my project & post in the discussions there.



I too had forgotten about that badge, until I read your post.

Just ordered two, so they are definitely in stock now.

For a discrete power supply I guess you are looking at a LI-PO battery.

Pimoroni do a LI-PO shim for that, but it’s a off / battery low shim, not an on/off switch.

I’m sure some other people here with more tinkering skills that I will be able to help out.




Yep. That’s why I posted here in the forums (more experienced folk than me). Once again I want to have the following:

  1. On/off switch
  2. A way to plug in a rechargeable battery preferably with a microUSB interface
  3. A case that’ll contain ALL : #1, #2, the InkyPhat pHat and the PiZeroW

Anyone got a solution out there? Particularly the case?