OnOff Shim + Inky pHAT = Machine That Turns Itself Off

Can Pimoroni crew please clarify if the OnOff Shim is able to work with the Inky pHAT?

I just installed the OnOff Shim on a Zero W with Raspbian Stretch to use with the Inky pHAT. After the software installs, it asks to reboot, and then it shuts down. I hit the OnOff Shim button, it starts to boot, then immediately shuts down. Repeat until novelty wears off. Zero W and OnOff Shim works great without the Inky pHAT.

Is this anything to do with the OnOffShim’s Power Button sharing BCM17 with the Inky pHAT’s Chip Busy line? If it is, maybe something on your product pages might be helpful.

I would put my money on it being that. Not overly familiar with OnOff Shim but you might be able to attach the button to a different GPIO pin?

Not now it’s soldered in place I can’t …

I’m (mildly) confused. I don’t see how the On/Off shim COULD work since the Inky PHat fits flush into the GPIO pins. Could you post more photos at different angles to show how the SHIM connects with the pHAT installed?


oops, never noticed this response. Anyway, picture:

moar deets here: Installing the Pimoroni OnOff Shim the hard way