OnOff Shim install seems to "break" my Pi!

Sorry, I’m very new to all this, so I may be a little unhelpful in my explanation!

  • I have a Pi 3 B+
  • I’ve loaded the latest Raspberry Pi OS (32 Bit).
  • Everything runs nicely; the device connects to the wifi and I can successfully SSH onto it.
  • I’ve installed the Pimoroni OnOff SHIM.
  • The device works fine with the power coming through the SHIM, and the button works for turning the device on, though obviously not off.
  • I’ve run the supplied curl command to install the relevant stuff, which all seems to work fine.
  • I’m asked if I want to restart, to which I say yes.
  • The device sits there for a while and eventually fully powers off (no lights).
  • When I turn it back on (by the button) it sits there flashing its green light randomly but fails to connect to the wifi, and after a minute or two it turns itself off.
  • This continues no matter how many times I turn it back on.
  • If I switch back to powering it through the standard socket, the same thing; green light flashes, no connection, then it “shuts down”, as in; no more green light.
  • Powering it off from the button doesn’t work. I assume the OS isn’t loading, so the button code can’t run.

I can’t figure out how to view the contents of the SD card in Linux (which I assume I need to do because I can’t see anything meaningful on it when I open it in Windows, which makes sense.) I have Ubuntu for Windows, but I can’t access the drive from it.

For now, I guess I’m going to have to reinstall the OS 😕

Including some pictures of my setup:

Bump 😊 still unable to fix this

I suspect your best bet would be to hook it up to a monitor, sounds like it’s hitting a problem booting and there may be some clues shown on the console.