Onoff shim problem - pi3 boots for 3 seconds only

This could well be user error - I’m not great at soldering for example, but just wondered if you’d come across it before, as it happens with both that I’ve bought. Onoff shim, power attached to it, it attached to the corner of a pi3’s GPIO with the button on the outside corner, official raspi (5V, 2.1A) power supply, no other peripherals attached. The pi boots for about 3 seconds and then cycles. Boots fine without the shim.

Many thanks for any ideas.

Ahoy, noticed this post had slipped our net. Sorry about that. Did you have any luck solving your OnOff SHIM woes?

It just occurred to me that BCM #4 is also the default pin for 1-wire. It might be a good idea to make absolutely sure you don’t have 1-wire enabled. Boot up with a regular power supply and use the Raspberry Pi Configuration tool, or sudo raspi-config to confirm this.

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