Faults when mounting the 10" picade for pi 4

Well, i started to mount my 10" picade for pi 4 and i found some unfortunate failures.

The fact that only the 10 "screen can be screwed at the bottom seems to me to be a serious lack. When moving the Picade, the screen moves and when playing, if you make any moderately abrupt movement, the screen moves, there is never totally fixed, and the solution they give to use duct tape, because I think it’s an amateur plumber fudge.

The connection of the 10" screen to the video controller is very fragile and not clear. The fact that it cannot be fastened with screws to the methacrylates at the top makes it even more sensitive to breakage. There is no Pimoroni website neither a detailed instruction, nor photographs, nor a video of how to connect it, they should have been updated with this.

If you use the SHIM fan for pi 4 there is no way to put the 4 fixing screws of the pi to the dock, you have to use only 3.

When using the SHIM fan you have to use the Booster Header, so you can not screw the X HAT in any way, the only fastening it has are the pins of the Booster Header, and this certainly does not seem sufficient fastening. They could have included extenders or something similar.

Another issue that has not been taken into account is the possibility that, with the power of pi4 and USB 3, a 2.5 “SSD or HDD can be added to the Picade. With the emulation of new systems, the space of a microSD is insufficient. I think it would not have cost much to have provided in one of the holes that are left free to the pit an attachment for external disk. Already, i know: i have to use adhesive tape as with the screen of 10”.

I think that with the price of the Picade they should take more care of these details.

If someone is going to mount a Picade, i do not recommend the 10-inch screen and certainly do not mount the SHIM fan under any circumstances. And that is not an obstacle to ensure that this fan, to use pi 4 outside the Picade, is the best i’ve seen. And the screen has a great image quality, but a somewhat poor assembly.

Another joy… with the fan SHIM can not close the door of the picade.
To use the X-HAT with the fan SHIM you must use the Booster Header, and logically, the X-HAT rises.
When the Picade door is closed, the input opening of the USB-C charging cable is out of the planned hole and the rear door itself covers the USB-C connection of the X-HAT.
Here someone should have foreseen this, or at least, have said very clearly that the fan SHIM is NOT COMPATIBLE WITH THE PICADE.
Thanks a lot for nothing.