Flotilla Windows Installer

This installer for Flotilla has been tested in Windows 10, it packages up our Flotilla Daemon with the latest and greatest version of Rockpool. After installing, on Windows 10 you should be able to plug in your Flotilla Dock and get up and running right away.

On Windows 7 and 8 you might have problems, and I’m keen for any feedback in this respect- these versions of Windows don’t handle standard USB serial devices well by default, and may require additional drivers.


sha512: cb9e5170e82e99ae9dedf46b2113aec5e713bb9283f763d7be1857a54ff44f0e27e6ec5499862361c293d2c594a7fb445946f874746192999e72135923c7081d 
sha256: 20d8cdc1ec892cfa50e879c77239194177c7074b636309416c41ebd96d30b303
sha1: c74f7b60a7ec5a2490580c52003cf1493546b65c

Note for power users

For the sake of simplicity and ease of use, this installer creates a Windows service.

This installer and software is completely open source, to peer beneath the hood head on over to: https://github.com/pimoroni/Flotilla-Daemon-VS/tree/master/Flotilla


Hi, I’m exploring flotilla on windows, it works me well on windows 10 but on windows 7 i couldn’t find the drivers i wonder if is there a plan for work on that.

Update: I used the universal driver here: https://github.com/pimoroni/flotilla-pre and now is working.