Gas Identification Using BME688 Breakout


I have a BME688 Breakout, and I’m using it with a Raspberry Pi 4B+. Unfortunately, I have be unable to discover, how I can use the sensor to determine particular gases.

Also, the Bosch software referred to on the POS, only supports Windows and Mac operating systems - which is of precious little help for the Raspberry Pi.

I would appreciate, if someone could help me to understand, how I can use this device to determine particular gases? This was my main reason for purchasing this item; as the POS on the store suggested that it could do this.

Kind regards,

The BME688 module runs a 4 in 1 sensor. The last sensor which is the gas sensor from bosch seems to only be used for its AI capabilities. In order to make full use of the sensor you would have to pair it with the windows applications. For your needs I don’t think you would be able to use this. Alternatively you could try to use wine or a similar application to emulate a windows environment and try and run it on the pi in this way.


For more detailed use Bme688 and AI applications
Check into website. Dive into this site for CO 2 and bme688 info