Geiger counter?

Just wondered if there was anything in the works for a geiger counter hat, or maybe a add on for a current hat " Enviro"? If that was possible?

In my (very) limited research standard Geiger tubes need several hundred volts, usually using voltage doublers. I don’t think the Pirates want to deal with that. AFAIK there is no Geiger on a chip but maybe NASA has something. It would be cool though.

There are a few kits already out there for DIY, and some RPI kits as well, just not easy to get ahold of or very simple to put together. I think a pirate kit would be fun, and they make it user friendly, with community support!

Very cool hardware. It looks like the whole thing could be done for $100.

yeah maybe less if you part it out yourself

There is also this one but always crazy over priced of their items