Getting rid of night vision camera 850nm IR LED visible red glow

Is there a way to filter out the IR LED red glow?

As a baby monitor mounted inside the box of a robot, the red glow of the IR cans appears very ominous to my child.

I am using CAM008 setup as a DIY baby camera running picamera on a Raspberry Pi Zero 1 W.

Based on datasheets, the wavelength of the IR is 850nm. Therefore, I have attempted to filter out the visible red light with 850nm IR glass filters such as with the Linghuang ZOMEI IR 850nm 25mm Art Glass Infrared Filter. The red glow is reduced but still visible at night.

Any solution for the baby monitor use case? If not, a workaround could be to only fire the emitters camera exposure is active and/or when someone is remotely viewing the camera feed.