Turn off leds on night vision camera?


Is there any way to turn off the IR LEDs on the Night vision camera module for Raspberry Pi?

It seems the LEDs turn on in the dark even if the camera is turned off. As I’m running from battery and using a PIR detector, I need to minimise power consumption.


The IR modules (presuming you’re talking about this type: https://shop.pimoroni.com/products/night-vision-camera-module-for-raspberry-pi?variant=12516582817875) have a small potentiometer which allows adjustment to the point the nearby LDR turns off the illuminator.


unfortunately one side doesn’t work on mine. Even so it’s no good for battery operation as the lights would be on all night. Better would be just a couple of traces that we could solder onto and take actual control. Wouldn’t cost a thing just a little mod to the board.