Night Vision Camera, not detected?


Just got the Pimoroni 160deg Night Vision Camera,
Connected it to Raspberry 3, and powered up.
There is a red LED on the camera board indicating it has power.
I enabled camera in raspi-config, and rebooted.
Still no evidence of camera detected in dmesg.
raspistill finds no camera.

Any clues how to troubleshoot?


Double check you have it in the CSI and not the DSI connector.
I was also going to say make sure you don’t have the ribbon cable backwards but you wouldn’t get the red LED lit if you had done that.

Thanks, that might actually be the problem! (wrong connector)

I’m pretty sure it doesn’t hurt anything, it just won’t work. The DSI is the one right on the edge of the board, the CSI is back by the Ethernet and USB jacks. On a Pi 3 of 4 etc.
If it’s a PI Zero there is only the one mini CSI jack.