RaspiCam V2 not detected

My Raspi Cam V2 isn’t being detected:

pi@raspberrypi:~ $ libcamera-still -o image.jpg
Preview window unavailable
[0:04:24.099429780] [1177]  INFO Camera camera_manager.cpp:293 libcamera v0.0.0+3572-e13ccdd5
ERROR: *** no cameras available ***

I’ve quadruple-checked the connections, I’ve enabled I2C, and I’ve even tried enabling legacy camera. I’ve worked through this guide: Raspberry Pi camera not detected? Try these simple steps
I’ve made sure everything on my pi is up-to-date.

This is on a Pi 3 running Raspbian 11 Bullseye
The only other hardware attached is a fan SHIM

Have to ask, cable plugged into CSI, not maybe DSI by accident?

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All plugged in correctly. I checked against multiple images to be sure

Ok, that’s one of the most common mistakes. The other is getting the cable flipped 180 at one or more ends. The blue bar goes on the lockbar side of the connector, at both ends.

Nope, cables are all the right way around (check again)

Should be noted I did have an arducam connected there previously and although it wasn’t fit for purpose (didn’t work with OctoPrint) it did work as a camera

Ok, must be a defective camera then?

Guess so. I’ll try a new fresh install of raspbian first, just to be sure I haven’t messed anything up

OK, so it worked fine on a fresh install of the OS, so somewhere along the lines I guess I’ve removed something critical. Any ideas what I might need to reinstall?

It’s good to know its usable and not broken. Can’t help you with OctoPrint though, my Linux skills are somewhat lacking. :(

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Thanks anyway :)
I’ve posted about it in the RasPi Discord. Fingers crossed I don’t have to rebuild my machine 😂

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I have seven Camera setups here. All are WIFI Motion Eye OS setups. Two Pan Tilt, one HD, and one NOIR. Mostly to keep an eye on my dog when she is tied up outside. And to watch for parcel deliveries etc.

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I’ve been meaning to use pis for home cctv, just need them to become available again 😅

I’ve got by with Pi 3A+'s, @ 1280x720 P My HD is a Pi4B 8gig. My two Pan Tilts are 3B+'s. They were 3A+'s. Pi Zero’s just weren’t up to streaming video.
One plus to Motion Eye OS is I can stream the video over my LAN, with no need to go to an Internet site first. Down side is support for it has stopped recently. I have to run the dev version on my Pi 4B.

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