Night vision camera module for Raspberry Pi

Hey I’m thinking of getting one of these cameras :-
If I have one of these running on motioneyeos, do I need to create some additional code for the infra-red led control or do they automatically sense the darkness. They look to have some sort of sensor built in but I’m not sure.

Thanks in advance, George

The camera modules with the bolt-on “bug eyes” Infra Red lights each side feed permanent power (through the bolts) to the IR LED lights which each have their own on-board Light Dependent Resistor sensor control. The LDR is in a small tube alongside the wider LED & lens tube.

@neilman, Yes I thought something similar but wasn’t 100%, that’s great thanks for your confirmation.

Does the module also have an IR filter that moves across the lens for daylight use?

No the camera has no IR filter at all.

Thanks, I suspected so at this low price!