Green house environment project help

I’m wanting to make a green house temperature and humidity tracker. My plan is to be able to access the read out via a web interface on my local network, I was planning on using the AM2320 Digital Temperature and Humidity Sensor, however what I’m needing advice on is the following:-

Do I use an Arduino or a zero?
I want it to be as low power as possible, so I’m thinking push the data to a dedicated mains powered unit which handles the web interface.

Also an Arduino would avoid SD card failure.

I’ve never built anything using batteries before, what would I need parts wise to be able to power the main board and sensor as well as allow me to charge the device?

Also eventually is like to build into this the ability to turn on and off watering of the plants of certain time or temp conditions are met.

Any help would be most appreciated

The Feathers have a built in lipo charger and JST plug for a lipo battery. They are a small micro controller. Some have built in BlueTooth and other wireless tech on board.

And there are wings that you can add, it’s like putting a Hat on a Pi.

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