EnviropHAT Analog how to with Mini Relay Featherwing + Zero W


So I have the EnviropHAT sitting on top of my ZeroW, and the only pins easily accessible are the Analog pins on the EnviropHat. So my question is, can I use these to trigger the mini relay featherwing? Or can/should I use a GPIO from the Zero W? I am thinking of separating the Zero W and EnviropHAT anyway because of the heat from the Zero W interfering with the reading on the temperature sensor, but for now it would certainly be easier to get setup using the Enviro’s Analog pins.
My project is in python so which module is best suited for that?


OK, so I figured it out. The EnviroPhat only uses the SDA, SCL, GPCLK0 connections + 5v and Ground. So I hooked up the mini relay featherwing using GPIO BCM pins 17 (Reset),27(Unset),22(Set) + 3v and Ground. So far so good :-)


I’ve been using Proto Hats and pHats to get GPIO access.

I just use a stacking header instead of the one that comes with it, Then I can mount a Hat or pHat on top of it. It also helps with blocking the heat transfer that throws off the temp sensor, just use a tall stacking header to put more space in there.
I see Pimoroni now has their own version, https://shop.pimoroni.com/collections/prototyping/products/protozero.I think this might actually be a better version than the Adafruit one. I will be buying one at some point. I use these type of things a lot.