GROW mini submersible pump without hat

Hi, I have bought one of the GROW mini submersible pumps (Mini Submersible Water Pump (Grow) – Pimoroni), although I want to use it with my own system, rather than using the GROW hat.
Can anyone advise on how to connect it to, and control from a Raspberry pi GPIO. I presume the red wire is power, and the white wire data? I’m also guessing I will need a relay, will any standard relay work?
Thanks in advance :)

I would say Red is the + and white is the -. You will need something between it and the Pi’s GPIO. You can’t drive it from a GPIO pin, they only out put 3.3V and not near enough current to turn the relay on. Odds are it would damage the Pi’s GPIO Pin.
An automation Hat mini would be one way to go.

The pump is motor driven so this may also be an option

Or fab something up on your own.

Ah that’s amazing, thank you!