Grow Phat data logging

Hello all,

I am fairly new to this, as you will soon realize. The Grow Phat is my second PIMORONI purchase after the the MOTE PHAT lights. I was extremely pleased with the lights, their educational value is over the top. Pretty sure the Grow Phat will also be great.

Now to the point. I have just started learning Python, and I am at this point were you know the basic concepts in paper, can read and understand decently the code scripts you download and can combine different parts of code to create your own and cover your specific needs.

Here is my question:
I was hoping to get some soil moisture readings and log them in a file so that I can later review them at my own pace. I noticed Github has the Grow documentation in which there is a file which makes reference to a grow.moisture library.

What I am trying to find out is whether I am on the right track here.

I can do simple python data logging to a file, I just need to find the python functions for each moisture sensor. Anyone can assist?

There’s a simple example here that just reads the moisture sensors - that might be easier to adapt than