Grow Hat LCD and Python examples

I’ve got the Grow Hat all set up as a service using the install script and its watering my chilli plants successfully. However I’d like to record the data readings (moisture etc) to a database at some point. I’ve noted the example python scripts and will adapt one of these. My question is whenever I run one of the example python scripts the LCD turns off and doesnt display the moisure readings as normal. I have to either restart the service or reboot.

Is this normal only I’d like to have the lcd working as normal, but record the data seperately?

If the service is running in the background, its accessing the sensors and display. It’s already using i2c and SPI. Run an example at the same time, that interacts with the screen or sensors and you will have issues.
So, stop the service, while tinkering, then turn it back on when done.

How you do both, the data logging and displaying I’m not sure?
I would normally add the data logging code to what ever code I was already running. I’m not sure how you do it when there is a service running in the background? You would likely have to roll it into the file it calls up when it starts. That’s above my skill level.

Thanks - that makes sense. I’ll look at adding the data logging to the code thats run via the service :-)