Handheld 3D Scanner

Pimoroni’s HyperPixel 4 Square put to excellent use

More details here: https://eleccelerator.com/pi-handheld-3d-scanner/ including the files required to install the software and the 3D CAD models for the 3D printed case

The web page provides you with a high level understanding of how the camera works and how the software uses the data from the camera to construct 3D point clouds, and eventually a 3D mesh.

It’s done using an Intel RealSense D415 camera, connected to a Raspberry Pi 4, and RTAB-Map as the software framework. Such a device is only recently possible because the Raspberry Pi 4 finally included USB 3.0 ports which allowed for fast enough data rates.

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Excellent project! Any plans to commercialise this? I can think of several use cases in indoor mapping for example, I am sure you have many others in mind too.

It’s actually just three parts, the Pi, the HyperPixel, and the RealSense camera. The software is all open source. So… there’s not much room to call anything truly my own to commercialize. I don’t actually have much math skills to help with the algorithms involved so I can’t really start my own software either.

What I’d like to see is integration of depth data into open source photogrammetry software like AliceVision, I discuss photogrammetry on my page with comparisons. I want the depth data to fill in areas where photogrammetry miss. (you can’t scan a black box with just photogrammetry)

If that’s achieved, we can start to drop Intel from the equation. Photogrammetry needs only snapshots, so the on-board processing can be dropped if we simply have one IR camera and the dot projector (or maybe even a laser and ToF sensor). The RGB camera can then be something MUCH higher resolution than just 1080p. Then we’d be able to achieve 3D capture with photogrammetry quality but still just enough depth data to fill in missing gaps in the meshes.

If you want to take my ideas and extend upon it, go for it

There is an overlap with my day job. ToF cameras are getting very good, depending on your budget here are a couple of options:

Do you know how I can get one of these https://www.seeedstudio.com/DepthEye-3D-visual-TOF-Depth-Camera-p-3025.html or similar at a similar price point? I bet it’s the exact same sensor as the Terabee… but I’d like something cheaper and more compact.

I think this sensor is in a few products (they dont ever confirm it) but there are alternatives available also. At lower price points you can expect few pixels

Interesting project! I’ll try it for sure!

Have you tried Skanect software for 3D sensors (or even Artec Studio) to create 3D meshes (seems like it could be better than photogrammetry)?