$$ RPI developer wanted - remote sensing, computer vision, machine learning

Looking for a developer to review & suggest RPI-based plant health sensor configurations, assemble and calibrate prototype, develop and update desktop app for morphological and physiological plant traits analysis and crop management

Sensor configurations range from Pi Zero-based multispectral camera to advanced ROS-enabled laser scanner with air quality sensor board and positioning system for scanning automation

Multispectral camera configurations use photogrammetry method to generate plant 3d model. Laser scanner and multispectral camera working together enable more precise spatial data collection, high-throughput scanning and sensor fusion algorithm which overlays point cloud with spectral map

Desktop app features UI for sensor data capture, processing and editing, hardware neural network data analysis and visualisation, dataset cloud storage and collaborative editing

Frameworks: OpenCV, TensorFlow Lite, ROS

Configuration design, framework stack and methodology suggestions are welcome

Reach out to southsidewrongside066@gmail.com for more details