HDMI 8" IPS LCD Screen Kit still mirrored in 2024

I recently bought this item, and attached it to my raspberry 4.
But surprisingly whenever I start the pi, the screen looks mirrored.
Also the OSD seems to be mirrored.

Any idea?

Thanks in advance,

The solution tagged in this ancient thread may be of use.

Thank you for replying me.
I tried that solution, it works in Volumio, but not in Librelec.
And the OSD remains mirrored.

I read several threads, I think mine it’s one of those faulty devices discovered…
Hope someone from Pimoroni can help me!

I’m not sure what distro libelec is based on but yeah, it may well do things in a different way - I kind of assumed in the absence of any other knowledge that we were on a standard OS :-)

But yeah, sounds like you might need to drop an email to support for that then.

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